From her days as a student to evolving into an aspiring professional, Elizabeth has dived into a myriad of fascinating and impactful projects which include;, in collaboration with a team of experts in robotics, data science, and programming, provides a dynamic, and rewarding method to boost the understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) among students in Ghana. Elizabeth founded to make a meaningful contribution to her community.


The GleeChild Initiative was founded with a strong commitment to SDGs 1, 2, and 3, focusing on the orphanage system in Ghana. This non-profit organization is dedicated to strengthening the infrastructure of orphanages across the nation. Elizabeth is the co-founder of the GleeChild Initiative, motivated by the goal of mitigating the hardships and considerable pressures faced by orphanages during the trials of the COVID-19 pandemic.


The goal of this project was to deliver hands-on engineering education to 1,000 students in rural areas of Ghana, fostering their empowerment and cultivating abilities like creativity, innovation, problem-solving, and critical thinking through engineering and STEM education. In the Hwediem District, She assumed the position of Financial Coordinator.. Collaborating with 1BillionAfrica and Sankofa Mentorship Hub, she handled the daily financial activities associated with the project.


In this podcast, stories of women globally who are forging remarkable progress across various STEM fields are featured, aiming to inspire young girls to pursue careers in STEM. As the host of this podcast and an ardent supporter of STEM initiatives, Elizabeth is actively engaged in numerous STEM platforms, committed to sparking curiosity among the next generation and inspiring them to cultivate a love for science and embark on rewarding STEM careers.

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This consultancy offers all-encompassing support, including counseling, university selection, visa application preparation, and scholarship application assistance, all with the goal of helping students gain admission to universities with no tuition fees. Customized to meet the specific goals and ambitions of each participant, this program has been immensely advantageous to a significant number of her mentees.

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Founded and formally incorporated in 2016 during her sophomore year of undergraduate studies, Eliza Events was created by Elizabeth to address the growing demand for social events among students on campus. Operating as a full-service event planning and coordination firm, Eliza Events has gained a reputation for designing highly creative and unforgettable events, catering to a diverse array of distinguished clients.

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“Don't preach, just set the example. You will influence more people through your actions than your words.”

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